Teaching Feedback

I’m interested in what my students think. I want to know what they think and how they feel about my courses and teaching style. My style is often considered unorthodox, but my students respond well to it. Of course, like every teacher, I do have the odd student who doesn’t appreciate my courses or teaching style. I do my best to accommodate those students; however, these students are atypical. Overall, my students appreciate my candid and fun teaching style, and as such, they become more invested in their learning.

You’ll find students’ comments below. These comments are all anonymous and, when needed, used with permission.

What Students Say About My Courses

“I love the flexibility with [Trent’s] class as well as exploring new software and means to communicate in our present world. I feel his class is more relevant to the real world than others I am taking this semester so thank you.”

“[Trent’s] a great instructor, involved students in discussions.”

“I absolutely loved [Trent’s] class and his learning philosophy. Thank you!”

“I really liked Trent’s style of teaching and the environment he created for his students. He made writing enjoyable and engaging. I hope to have him as a professor for future courses.”

“I thought the class would be immensely boring. Trent prevented that.”

“I really enjoyed Trent as a professor.”

“Trent was a good teacher.”

“I really enjoyed having Mr Kays as my professor. He is approachable and helped me with the questions I had. I would strongly recommend him in the future. I actually wanted to come to class each day!”

“Trent M Kays is still one of the best profs I have ever had at the [University of Minnesota].”

“I’m thankful for Trent’s constructive feedback. Having English as my second language, reading his feedback has been very important to me.”

“I like [that Trent] said he wants to teach because he believes teaching can change the world. His special teaching style made me change my image of teaching.”